Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency with our Medical Virtual Assistants

Triple's healthcare assistants offer dedicated support, ensuring patient well-being and efficient operations. With their expertise and commitment, your healthcare facility is in capable hands.

Patient support representatives play a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive the assistance and information they need to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system effectively. They help healthcare providers enhance patient satisfaction, increase appointment adherence, and improve the overall patient experience, which ultimately contributes to better health outcomes and practice success.

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Chronic Care Coordinators play a vital role in patient engagement and support for individuals managing chronic conditions. They help ensure that patients receive the care, education, and assistance they need to improve their health and quality of life while reducing the burden on healthcare providers.

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Clinical documentation specialist provides professional support to healthcare providers in documenting patient encounters and managing administrative tasks. They improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, reducing documentation errors, and enhancing the quality of patient care by assisting healthcare providers in their documentation and administrative tasks.

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Prior authorization experts assist healthcare providers, practices, and patients in obtaining approval from insurance companies for specific medical treatments, procedures, or medications. They reduce administrative burdens on healthcare providers, enhance patient access to necessary treatments, and optimize the revenue cycle in healthcare practices.

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Medical coder translates medical procedures and diagnoses into standardized codes for billing, insurance claims, and data analysis. They aim to assist healthcare providers in accurately documenting patient care, optimizing revenue, and ensuring compliance with coding regulations.

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Medical biller manages the billing and claims process on behalf of healthcare providers and facilities. They streamline the revenue cycle, maximize reimbursement, reduce administrative burdens on healthcare providers, and improve the overall financial health of healthcare practices and facilities.

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Payment poster efficiently and accurately record and reconcile payments received from various sources, including insurance companies and patients. They help healthcare providers maintain accurate financial records, streamline the revenue cycle, and improve overall financial management. Payment posting is essential for maintaining financial transparency and efficiency in healthcare practices and facilities.

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Accounts receivable assistant helps in managing and optimizing the revenue cycle. They help healthcare providers maintain a healthy financial flow, minimize outstanding balances, and optimize the revenue cycle, ultimately improving the financial health of healthcare practices and facilities.

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Our Healthcare services offer unparalleled advantages. Gain access to seasoned experts who ensure accuracy while reducing costs. Enjoy flexibility, real-time insights, and increased efficiency, all while streamlining your healthcare operations. Make your practice thrive with our Medical Virtual Assistants.


Background checked, culturally fit & good in communication


Client success manager and backend task support


Min. 5 years of experience, ready to start with 0-1 week learning curve

Replacement & Gurantee

Anyday-Anytime replacement policy & 7 days money back guarantee


Dedicated employees everyday, turonver and absenteeism protected

Pre-vetted Resources are just a few steps away

our process

Introductory Call

Assessment of client requirements


Shortlisting the best
fit resources

Interview Call

Client-candidate one on one interaction

Candidate Selection

Resource finalisation & e-signing documents

Onboarding Call

Set up goals and expectations.
Kick Off!

tools expertise
Our healthcare team possess expertise and experience working with various EHRs to quickly adapt and integrate in your system
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Remote medical assistants offer a wide range of services, including Patient Support, Chronic Care Management, Medical Scribing, Prior Authorization, Billing, Payment Posting, Accounts Receivable, Credentialing and more. The process starts with assessment and need analysis followed by orientation and deployment. After the initial process learning curve, the medical assistants start woking independently under supervision for quality assurance.

Qualified medical assistants typically hold bachelor or master degrees in medical or a related domain and have minium 3 years of full-time work experience in their area of expertise.

Not necessarily. medical assistants are trained on all industry popular outpatient and inpatient softwares like EPIC, ECWm Cerner, Athena Health, Meditech, NextGen, etc.

Yes, remote medical assistant services can be tailored to your specific practice requirements, whether you need full-scale support or part-time assistance.

The medical assistants follow two-way daily reporting system for monitoring and tracking performance. On top of that weekly internal and external meetings happen practice managers to obtain feedback and discuss areas of improvement.

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