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A remote/offshore employee is an experienced, pre-vetted and skilled professional based overseas who provides remote accounting, administrative, operational, or technical support to individuals and businesses.

An offshore employee can help you save time, reduce overhead costs, increase productivity, and focus on business activities by handling tasks like bookkeeping, customer service, accounting, client coordination, billing, data entry, appointment scheduling and more.

Communication typically takes place through email, messaging apps, project management tools, and scheduled virtual meetings, ensuring constant connectivity and collaboration. We have employees working across different time zones, allowing us to match you with one that aligns with your preferred working hours.

We carefully screen and vet our employees, matching their experience and skills with your needs. Regular performance evaluations and client feedback help maintain service quality.

Our employees are graduates and post graduates with a minimum full time work experience of 3 years. They have previously worked in similar environments and are well aware of the client's business and social culture. They come with excellent communication abilities and specialize in various industries such as real estate, e-commerce, SaaS, marketing, healthcare, non-profits and more. This allows them to better understand industry-specific tasks and challenges.

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