Triple collaborated with a struggling multi-specialty medical practice with 90 employees based in New York to address high hold times and deteriorating patient experience. With a persistent issue of call center staff turnover, the client sought Triple’s assistance to turnaround their situation.

Client's Challenges

The client’s primary challenges were twofold:

High Staff Turnover: The call center experienced a high rate of employee turnover, leading to disruptions in patient communication and service quality.

Declining Patient Experience: Extended hold times for patient calls were leading to frustration and dissatisfaction among patients, adversely impacting their overall experience.

Drop in new patient enrolment: With high hold times, the new patients were having a diffuclt time to get enrolled causing the practice lose out on practice revenue

Triple's Solution

Rapid Deployment of Patient Communication Specialists: Triple swiftly deployed a team of 6 patient communication specialists within two months. This involved rigorous recruitment and onboarding to ensure the team was well-equipped to address the client’s immediate concerns.

Onshore Training and Expertise Transfer: To ensure seamless integration, an onshore call center manager provided training to the newly deployed patient communication specialists. The training covered effective call handling, patient engagement, and the practice’s unique operational needs.

In-House Training and Promotion: After six months of successful operations, one of the patient communication specialists demonstrated exceptional skills and was promoted to a Trainer position. This marked the beginning of Triple’s in-house training program, where seasoned staff trained new joiners, ensuring consistent service quality.

Results Achieved

Reduced Call Waiting Times: The immediate deployment of patient communication specialists led to a significant reduction in call waiting times, alleviating patient frustration.

Enhanced Patient Experience: With shorter hold times and better-trained staff, the patient experience improved noticeably. Patients reported greater satisfaction and engagement with the practice.

Increased Patient Engagement: The enhanced patient experience resulted in increased patient engagement and trust, with patients feeling more valued and cared for by the practice.

Expanding Services with Triple

The success of this initial collaboration instilled confidence in the client to extend their partnership with Triple. They decided to hire a range of specialized professionals from Triple, including chronic care coordinators, medical billers, medical scribes, revenue cycle management (RCM) analysts, and prior authorization experts. This expansion aimed to further streamline their operations, boost revenue, and optimize patient care.


Triple’s effective intervention successfully addressed the client’s critical challenges related to call center staffing and patient experience. Their swift deployment of skilled staff, training initiatives, and dedication to improving patient engagement led to measurable improvements. This case study highlights the positive impact of Triple’s expertise in the healthcare industry and their commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions.